Plane Ticket

Cheap plane ticket is no more a dream!


Since the day it was launched has been a website selling plane tickets to local and foreign destinations, besides giving many other services.

It helps you find the best plane ticket in a few steps among the flights offered by hundreds of airlines.


To Get a Plane Ticket:

  • Enter the destination and the date you plan to fly in the plane ticket search form.
  • Compare the plane ticket prices of more than 500 airlines.
  • Choose the plane ticket fit for your budget and your travel plan.
  • Enter passenger information.
  • Select the preferred payment method.
  • Complete the payment information.
  • Use 3D Secure option to purchase your ticket with secure payment. 


Why should I use

  • Chance of flying for low prices; to catch the opportunity of taking the cheapest flight with new opportunities introduced every day.
  • Quick and easy; compare the flights of hundreds of airlines and purchase the best plane ticket.
  • No extra payment. Extra fees are not added when you are making the purchase.
  • Option to pay with credit card: You can purchase your plane tickets in instalments by your credit card.
  • Secure Shopping: Buy your plane ticket safely, under the guarantee of Passo Turizm!
  • First book it, then make the payment: You can reserve your plane ticket to purchase later on during the period of option.
  • Customer Services: we are here for all your questions about changing or cancelling the plane tickets.


Why should I subscribe to

  • Passenger List: Enter the passenger names in the first purchase, then work quickly without having to enter names every time.
  • Manage your travel: Track and manage your reservations and flights from a single point.
  • Use price advantages: Enter contact information and be informed about any discounts
  • Special Offers: Capture special discount offers for the subscribers.


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