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Day Tours

It is now much easier to move away from the stress of the monotony in the city you live in and the busy pace of work and do something different.

There are many options to perform domestic and overseas entertainment and cultural tours. At affordable prices, do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the most popular domestic and international tour.

Domestic Tours

Explore the numerous historical and natural beauties of Turkey. You can make unforgettable moments by planning your trips with your loved ones and you can make a comfortable journey to many special places of the country.

Southeastern Anatolia tours, Aegean-Mediterranean tours, Central Anatolia tours and blue cruise tours await you.

You can explore the unique beauty of the Black Sea by joining the Black Sea tours, famous for its magnificent nature and food.

After visiting the fairy chimneys and underground cities of Cappadocia, where you cannot see anywhere else, you can have a chance to watch this stunning view from a different angle.

Pamukkale's history is intertwined with its own white craters and warm water in the sunset by watching the sunset is a separate experience.

To experience a different experience, Cyprus tours are also available for you.

Briefly, you can make the most of your leisure time by making a day trip or weekend trips in the country with many price options suitable for every budget.

International Tours

There are natural and historical beauties worth seeing in many countries. Getting to know different cultures and visiting them, experience the tastes you will encounter for the first time is easier with affordable prices.

Most Popular International Tours

European tours are the most popular tours where you can see many countries within a few days.

You can explore Amsterdam with tours of Amsterdam, Barcelona with tours of Spain. You can visit the museums and buildings of Paris, which are the capital of art and fashion, and shop and shop.

You can travel to the unique natural and historical beauties of the Balkans by participating in the tours.

Visa-Free Tours

You have a chance to make a tour abroad without waiting for a visa. You can visit many countries without a visa.

You can go on a completely different cultural journey with the far east tours you can visit without getting a visa. You can make the most popular tours in Thailand without visas.



a. Asuta Travel organized tours can be made by contacting our company or by making an online reservation.

b. During booking, 30% of the cost of the trip must be paid at least 30 days before the departure of the trip.

c. If the remaining payment does not take place within the relevant period, the reservation is canceled and 30% is charged to the consumer as a cancellation fee.

D. Asuta Travel may change the down payment rate of the travel cost if deemed necessary.

Visa service fees and overseas departure fees are not included in the services purchased on the tours abroad.
The additional wage increases for these transportation vehicles, such as airplanes, trains and ships, are reflected in the travel expenses where the travel is announced, in compulsory cases such as taxes and other additional fees (hikes).


a. In individual or group bookings, Asuta Travel may postpone, partially or completely cancel the travel program on its announced trip depending on security, natural disasters and other first major events immediately prior to the start of the trip, regardless of whether it has been registered or not.

b. Asuta Travel can cancel or cancel a group reservation, partially or completely, until 7 days prior to the start of the trip, regardless of whether the group has a sufficient number.

c. Asuta Travel can modify the Tour program provided that the main content is maintained.

D. Asuta Travel reserves the right to change the airline companies used in the flight trips specified by the tour program. In this case, the consumer does not have the right to compensation.

to. In case the consumer cancels the tour that he / she bought one month before the start of the trip: the full cost of the tour is refunded. However, if the aircraft train and ship tickets to be used for travel are purchased in advance, the cancellation and amendment rules applied by the relevant travel company shall be reflected to the consumer.

f. The name change is not made on scheduled flights after the tour is purchased.

In case of loss of travel tickets on behalf of the consumer, the punishment imposed by the relevant airway shall be reflected on the consumer.

g. In case the consumer does not notify in writing that he / she will participate in the trip he missed, Asuta Travel has the right to cancel all reservations made on behalf of the consumer 6 hours after the start of the tour. In such cancellations, no refund is made to the consumer.


Asuta Travel can change the hotel names, transportation vehicles and movement hours to be used during the trip depending on the standards specified in the program.
Asuta Travel has the right to transfer the consumer to the tours with the same content as another agency if necessary.
The tour programs given at the time of booking are sample programs. The dates for organizing the extra tours specified in the tour programs can be changed according to the guide's initiative.
In the first major case which may occur before or during the tour, the main and intermediary institutions that provide the service in case of preventing the tour or changing the usual course of the trip are not the responsibility of the agency.
Those identified as the first major cases above; war, military coup, chaos, earthquakes, natural disasters, strikes, lockouts, technical malfunctions in transportation vehicles, negativity that may arise from the relations between countries and other unusual situations that do not write here.
Our company is not responsible for the cancellations caused by the negativity of some countries due to the visa requirements or in the passport controls.
Asuta Travel reserves the rights to any other ince Force Majeure üc known to him in accordance with other laws and regulations.


Consumers or consumers who do not have any signature on the travel contract but who have participated in the service under the contract, are considered to be accepted and committed by the persons who have given them the right to register the relevant trip or by the persons assigned by them to register in their own name.
The rights to carry luggage during travel vary according to the means of transport used. Ideal baggage is usually not larger than 20 kg and 50 cm x 70 cm.
After clarification of the means of transport to be used, final information on baggage allowances shall be notified to the guests prior to travel.
The consumer agrees and undertakes that the transportation vehicles are obliged to pay the excess baggage fee according to the tariff to be applied.
The consumer is responsible for the goods he carries in his luggage during the travel. All liability for food and beverage and other goods not legally accepted by foreign countries belongs to the baggage holder.
No refund is made if the customer refuses to use the allocated hotel or the means of transportation allocated for any reason other than documenting an unfulfilled service although he / she is paying the travel charges.
In the special case, if the consumer does not want to use the transportation and accommodation services offered by our company due to their personal problems or excuses, no refund is made.
It is responsible for all the failures that may occur if the consumer does not use transportation and accommodation services for travel.
The consumer needs to cooperate and act in good faith in order to make a better trip with our company. The consumer is obliged to inform the agent in writing about the matters that he / she is not satisfied during the trip and complains during the performance of the service.
Consumers, although the complainant to use the service until the end of the complaint complains about the issues such as substitution service and refunds will eliminate the rights of compensation.

Asuta Travel is not responsible for any problems, expenses and other material and moral damages related to visa and passport, such as the rejection of the entry of the consumer at the border of the country or traveling abroad during the tour.
In cases such as the consumer's passport and visa inspections in foreign tours, and in case of being stuck in customs and border controls, all cancellation and amendment rules regarding the accommodation and transportation services purchased for the consumer are reflected to the consumer.
Our company does not accept responsibility for visa requests rejected by consulates in case of following visa services for service fee and visa tracking service fee is not refunded.
All documents required by the relevant consulates for the visa transactions of the consumer must be prepared in full. Asuta Travel cannot be held responsible for any missing paperwork.
In group tours, the group leader representing the company is obliged to inform consumers about the flow of the tour. Guests attending the tour must be observed to have maximum compliance, especially during the start of the tour, during the tour and at the end of the day.
Guests participating in the tour must ensure that they receive complete information about the tour at each stage. Our company is not responsible for any misunderstandings and material damages that may arise from misunderstanding of not being heard by the group leaders or their guides.
Passengers who disobey the group and disobey the general rules and the tour leader's directives, and those who exhibit individual behavior that endanger the general public order of the group, are prohibited from travel.
The tour program is prepared in advance according to a certain plan and requests for changing the tour program are not accepted since the bookings and schedule are planned accordingly. The guests who demand to change the tour program and its route insistently and create confusion in this regard are prohibited from traveling due to disturbing tour flow and tour security. In this case will be held responsible for any defects and all other damages.
The rules of the relevant insurance company apply for all travel insurance transactions that the consumer makes.
The provisions of this Law, law No. 1618, 4288 numbered Law IA T A, IHAUFT AA convention provisions, civil aviation law, BK. TCC. Turkey to be included in the international conventions and regulations issued related to these, regulations, circulars and communiqués with internationally recognized Frankfurter Tabelle table and TÜRSAB Kutahya which is the equivalent provisions in Turkey is valid.
The consumer reads this contract at the time of booking, accepts and undertakes the provisions written here.

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