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This website is a product of Asuta Travel Travel Agency was established in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey and is a Limited Liability Company in existence. It is registered to Antalya Trade Registry with registration number. Asuta Travel Travel Company is located at ...
This website is www.asutatravel.com. The owner and content provider of the information contained on the site is the Asuta Travel Tourism Travel Company and will be referred to hereinafter as sı Asuta Travel S.
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Asuta Travel does not guarantee regular service, it may temporarily suspend the operation of the website and even stop it completely. It therefore has no responsibility to the User and to any third party.
Asuta Travel does not contain malicious programs on its website that contain no viruses or similar features. However, because it is a public page, it can be attacked by malicious programs at any time. The user has to take the necessary measures when using this website.
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