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Car rental conditions

For renting a car, one must be at least 21 years old and owner of a class B driver’s license for at least 1 year. Those between 19-21 years, holding a 1-year old driver’s license, may rent a car from the economy group by paying a surplus for Young Driver. For renting cars from economy (A, B, N, F, I) group one has to be et least 21 years old and owner of a driver’s license for 1 year.


For renting cars from the middle (D, G, H, O, M) group, one has to be at least 25 years old and owner of a driver’s license for 2 years. Those between 21-25 years, holding a 2-year old driver’s license, may rent a car from the economy group by paying a surplus for Young Driver.


For renting cars from the upper (J, C, E, K, L, P) group, one has to be at least 27 years old and owner of a driver’s license for 3 years. Those between 21-27 years, holding a 3-year old driver’s license, may rent a car from the upper group by paying a surplus for Young Driver.


Period of car rental: Minimum period of car rental is 24 hours for daily rental and 30 days for monthly rental.


Services included in the price: In daily car rental service, 18% Value Added Tax and accident, defects liability and theft insurance are included in the price.

The right to use kilometres is limited to 3000 km for a maximum of 30 days. Exceeding this limit is subject to extra charge.


Services not included in the price: Bridge and Highway Passage Payments by Device or Card, Baby Seat, Navigation, Co-pilot, Fuel Oil, Personal Accident Insurance, Mini damage guarantee, Voluntary financial liability insurance, One-Way fee, Delivery / Receipt fee depending on the availability of office (between 0-26 km).

The vehicles are delivered to the customer with a quarter full fuel tank. When vehicles are returned with missing fuel or empty tank, the fuel price is added to the service fee.


One-way fees: One-way fee as set forth by our company is charged when the vehicle is to be rented in a city and returned in another city. Call us for details.


Co-pilot service: Driver’s license details of the copilot are required for the vehicle to be driven also by someone other than the renter. This must be indicated in the rental contract. In case of any accidents by the drivers not stated in the rental contract, all guarantees become void. In this case, both the renter and the other drivers shall be held jointly and severally responsible.


Vehicle return time: Vehicles must be returned in time. Up to 3 hours of delay in returning the vehicles, each hour is subject to 1/3 of the contracted rental price and the rental price for 1 full day is charged for delays over 3 hours.


Payment terms: The total rental fee and guarantee payments are collected in cash or by the credit card of the renter. Rental contract is arranged during the rental procedure according to the laws and regulations of the country of rental. All rental procedures are subject to the general rental conditions of our company.


Conditions of prepaid (Online) reservations: This means that car rental fees and the price of selected additional services shall be paid online. If other services are to be purchased in addition to rental, the related price can be paid at the time of vehicle delivery. Pursuant to 3D security requirements, card owner does not have to be the same person who makes the reservation but a personal credit card suitable for paying the deposit must be presented during the rental procedure.

If rental procedure cannot be performed due to customer-related faults, our company repays the entire amount prepaid by the customer.

In credit card payments, our company does not hold responsibility for any fees charged for any reason by banks including commissions, exchange differences, service fees etc.

It is not possible to change the preplanned information such as rental dates, times and vehicle information in online reservations. The reservation must be cancelled before being changed. In that case the following cancellation-refund conditions apply. After cancellation, a new prepaid reservation can be made in line with the required changes.

Cancellation-refund conditions

  • Services included in and excluded from the price are the same for online reservations as well.
  • The discount earned in online reservation may not be combined with another campaign. 
  • In online reservations, if the reservation is cancelled minimum 12 hours before the time of vehicle delivery, the rental fee shall be entirely refunded by our company.
  • In online reservations, rental fee for 1 full day is charged between 12 hours and 2 hours before the time of vehicle delivery and the remaining amount is refunded by our company. (No refund is possible if the rental is for 1 day)
  • In online reservations, no refund is possible in case of cancellations 2 hours before the vehicle delivery
  • In online reservations, the vehicles of our customers shall be kept for 2 hours from the time of delivery during which the customers may get the car. At the end of 2 hours, the reservation shall be automatically cancelled by the system with no refund of money
  • In online reservations, once the vehicle is delivered to the customer, no refund is made for the days it has not been used
  • Refund for the online reservations shall be reflected to your card in 3-5 business days depending on the banking transaction traffic.
  • In order for the vehicles to be delivered to our customers in online reservations the General Rental Conditions and the following conditions must have been met. Otherwise, the vehicle shall not be delivered and no refund shall be possible
  • Payment is only by credit card and cash payment or other forms of payment are not applicable.
  • The rental fee and the provision depending on the vehicle group must be paid by the personal credit card. The credit card must bear the name and surname of the person renting the vehicle.
  • Besides the rental fee, the credit card must also have sufficient limit for the amount of deposit.
  • The person to take delivery of the vehicle must submit his driver’s license and the personal credit card to our company representative.
  • For rentals from Middle and Upper segments 2 credit cards from different banks must be submitted.
  • The users with foreign driver’s license must submit their passport to the rental office.
  • No refund is made for the remaining days if the vehicle is returned earlier than scheduled.

The above mentioned conditions must be fulfilled in order for the vehicles to be delivered to our customers in online reservations. No refund shall be made if the above conditions are not met.

Traffic Penalties: All liabilities and monetary traffic penalties arising out of the violation of applicable traffic rules shall be borne by the user. The traffic penalties and the penalties for illegal bridge and highway passes incurred during the rental period but received by us afterwards shall be charged to the person or company stated in the rental contract. The time that passes in case the vehicle is withheld by official or local authorities for any reason whatsoever shall be included in the contract period. Traffic penalties are subject to a service fee of 50 TL+VAT.


Airport rental services: For rentals made at domestic and international airport terminals, airport service fee may be calculated in separate. Call us for the prices.


Important Note: In case of vehicle theft or any accidents, it is mandatory to prepare an accident report according to the type of accident without moving the vehicle or to refer to the closest police department or gendarmerie station to prepare a report for accident, theft or intoxication and to give information to our 7/24 Support Line.

Otherwise, all of the purchased guarantees shall become void and all damages, including any material and moral losses incurred by 3rd persons shall be borne by the renter.

Please call our 7/24 available Support Line for vehicle breakdowns or for receiving help for any reason.


Insurance: Our insurances (guarantee) are clarified as follows. These explanations are general and for informative purposes. Our company reserves the right to change these information time to time. The guarantees included in your reservation are stated in the price information or reservation confirmation.  
You can purchase the excluded guarantees from our sales offices at the beginning of rental. Detailed information about the applicable limits can also be obtained from the sales offices.

Optional Financial Liability Insurance: The guarantees that cover the damages to 3rd persons.
Mini Damage insurance: Repair insurance upon customer’s declaration for damages below the limit defined by our company.
Personal accident insurance: The insurance that covers the driver and the passengers inside the vehicle within a certain limit. This is calculated on the basis of the number of vehicle seats.

The above given explanations of insurance are for general informative purposes. Call us for details.

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